Good Governance International (“GGI”), a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, provides innovative information technology solutions for governments to promote rule of law, citizen participation, government transparency, and other core principles of good governance. GGI partners with governments to provide customized assessment tools, in-depth qualitative analysis, and training to produce measurable results. GGI has assembled a team of world-renowned experts and practitioners of law, good governance, technology, and policy development to participate in the design of practical and effective solutions for the world’s toughest governance issues.



  • We work as a team towards good governance for all. GGI connects experts across geographical and ideological boundaries to promote good governance around the world.
  • We pursue good governance by promoting its essence.  GGI pursues good governance by promoting its essential principles like rule of law, transparency, and public participation.
  • We partner with global leaders to achieve our mission.  GGI builds good governance through research, global partnerships, conferences, and training programs.
  • We find the way.  Technology takes us there.  GGI develops innovative technology to address the world’s toughest governance issues.