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  • Every year, FACES selects around forty accomplished delegates around the globe to participate in a fully funded conference at Stanford. The conference, which is the keynote event of FACES during the year, will address numerous issues relating to China. This year, GGI President Mei Gechlik will talk about eGov Index at the conference.

  • To promote high-level exchange and discussion of law and human rights issues in the United States and China, the National Committee and the China Foundation for Human Rights Development co-organize an annual Sino-American Dialogue on the Rule of Law and Human Rights. This year, GGI President Mei Gechlik will draw on our eGov Index to discuss open government as well as lead the discussion of China’s guiding cases.

  • Over three days, GGI joined participants from more than 100 countries at the global gathering designed to improve the state of the world by engaging different sectors of society to strengthen the rule of law. GGI participated in the discussion and debate at the Forum about the findings of the WJP Rule of Law Index, an innovative assessment tool that measures how well countries adhere to the rule of law in practice.

  • As part of 2013 Spring Lunch Series on China, GGI President Mei Gechlik delivered a talk entitled “Why was a U.S. NGO’s China E-government Development Index Reported by the Chinese Communist Party’s People’s Daily?”, with GGI Vice President Cheryl McQueen moderating.

  • The International Conference on Chinese Rule of Law–E-Government Development Index (2012中国法治国际会议——电子政务与法治) jointly organized by Good Governance International (国际善治), the People’s Government of Hangzhou Municipality (杭州市人民政府), Zhejiang University (浙江大学), and the China Rule of Law Research Institute (Hong Kong) (中国法治研究院(香港)) took place on December 15, 2012 in Hangzhou, China.